Patient Reviews

Certified reviews from some of our patients.

When I moved to the area, I scrubbed review after review, trying to find the right dentist. My teeth were alright, I got cleanings every 6 months while in the Navy – but I was looking for some more feedback. I’m so glad I ended up choosing Dr. Hamblin & his team.

I went in today for an appointment I had scheduled for September 14th. Russell has on multiple occasions called me if there is a cancellation a few weeks before my scheduled appointment to see if I’d like to move my appointment. That is amazing service. Really – maybe it is the number of patients that this office serves, but I think, based on the service, that it is just that everyone here actually cares. It’s seamless – they know what your insurance covers, how often you can get preventive care, and put you in the window every time to keep your teeth in top shape.

The rates are great. I have Delta Dental, so most of my visits are covered. The hygienist that used to work in this office (Jill) listened to the history of my dental care, did a thorough exam to see where I was, and recommended additional services. There was no pressure to accept, but she kindly explained the benefits of additional service, but in a way that didn’t make me feel like they were talking down to me, or that I have a mouth full of cavities, and teeth that look like I chewed on oreo’s right before my visit.

Oh. This office totally breaks the rule of dentistry (in my experience!) Not once have I heard “you need to floss more, you need to brush more, you need…” It’s always based on data, and they often don’t even ask how often you brush/floss. They simply observe the trend in your oral health and make recommendations accordingly.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy that I chose Dr. Hamblin to be my dentist. I’d recommend him to anyone with Delta Dental, or anyone with a dental emergency. But not too many… I like the appointment availability!
Tom Berry

Dr Hamblin is a seriously GREAT dentist! He has handled 5 crowns for me and only after 4 years did one fail! He is cutting edge with dental info and procedures, extremely informed on health issues relating to dental issues and an all around good person. I now live in the Bay Area and travel 1+ hours to see him and the hygienist.


Kamala M.

Dr. Hamblin and his staff are incredible! From Russel’s friendly warmth at the front desk to Dr. Hamblin’s straightforward and clear explanation of the work that needed to be done on my teeth, I was totally impressed by the professionalism and just general good vibes at this office! Highly recommend!
Linnea K.

The entire staff was very friendly and accommodating. I was pleasantly surprised when they were able to transfer my dad from his wheelchair to the dentist chair! This is a feat not mastered by any other dentist we’ve seen. Dr. Hamblin’s office offers conscious sedation, so the visit was very comfortable for my dad. They also had pillows to prop him up and blankets to keep him toasty warm. I was allowed to sit with my dad while they did his dental work, which took about four hours. This office is amazing!
Carol T.

I would first like to say thank you Dr. Hamblin!!! My boyfriend had severe pain that kept him up Friday night. As anyone knows trying to find a dentist that is open on a Saturday is next to impossible. I found Michael Hamblin on Google, saw that he has emergency visits available. I called and left a message, he returned my call within minutes. He was able to see us right away. He extracted the tooth and Coby is so happy! Clean, friendly and welcoming office. Michael Hamblin is awesome, he explained everything in detail. He was very kind and gentle and a good sense of humor. We found a great dentist, very thankful. Thank you Michael for taking time out of your Saturday to make someone smile!
Serena M.

Dr Hamblin visits are very comfortable, he and his staff alike.
The office is equipped with high technology in his to get whatever needs patients need to have done. Recently I had to have a tooth pulled, I was dreading it. I can’t tell you how smooth this procedure went! I consider him very trustworthy, and if you have a problem, he will make sure one comes back in for him to take a look. I believe children would do very well with his gentle manner. Thank you Dr Hamblin and the entire staff!
Jane K.

Seriously the best dentist I have been to. The receptionists, Hygienist, and of course Dr. Hamblin were all knowledgeable, extremely friendly and professional. My previous dentists have all either been careless, or arrogant, and Dr. Hamblin was neither. I am very excited to have found this dentist and to recommend him!

Also, they are using the new digital x-ray technology, which is quicker and much less painful than the old way of doing it with the sharp pieces of plastic.
Jeff J.

I had a root canal done today by Dr. Hamblin, so he could put in a fiber post to hold a crown. This is on a front tooth. The procedure took two hours and was totally painless. I’ll go back in two days and have the permanent crown put in. Dr. Hamblin takes great care to match the color and look of existing teeth so the crown looks totally natural.

I have been seeing the dental hygienists there for quite a few years now and they are always friendly, caring and efficient.
Dana D.

I’ve had 2 crowns installed by Mike Hamblin. One crown failed 72 hours after installation – literally broke to pieces in my mouth. He took extra time on a week-end to make it right.

His Dental hygienist has cleaned my teeth 3 times. She’s friendly, clean, efficient, and professional as well.

So far, so good. Everything is satisfactory.

If you have Delta Dental plan, you”re covered here.
Tom S.


Dr. Hamblin and his staff are magnificent! i lost my job recently and my coverage. but i knew i needed a crown, so i came to yelp. Dr. Hamblin office got me an appointment the very next day! after that first exam, i got a quit for my crown, and secluded that appointment, for the day after next.

Everyone on his staff that i encountered were fantastic and very professorial and polite.

i have fears of going into doctors that don’t know me, because i am a transsexual. they didn’t even ask why i was taking the drugs i listed, and no asking why my visa was under a different name (my old name).

if i weren’t moving tomorrow i would come back for my regular dental work.

Sarah S.

I tried out a few dentists after moving to town. I have changed insurances several times since having Dr. Hamblin. I am never sure if my new insurance is one that his office contracts with, but I am always sure I will keep going to this office, even if I have to pay cash. Friendly, efficient, and hard working. Recently, my pregnant wife passed out while getting her teeth worked on. Dr. Hamblin called at 8 p.m. that night to make sure she was still OK.
Mike I.